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CHC Offers Strategies to Engage and Retain Nurses in an Acute Care Setting

Acute care hospitals don’t have to become victims of the current nursing shortage if they implement various strategies to protect themselves from the Great Resignation that has taken a toll on the healthcare industry, according to Community Hospital Corporation (CHC).

Jill Bayless, CHC Senior Vice President of Clinical Services, says hospitals should implement measures to help prevent nurses leaving their profession earlier than expected, echoing an industry study last year that found nurses quitting at a dramatically higher rate than in previous years.

“The nursing exodus is driven, in part, by a desire for better work-life balance,” says Bayless. “Double shifts, erratic and inconsistent scheduling, and menial tasks are contributing factors that have led to a sense of imbalance and job dissatisfaction among nurses. This situation has worsened mainly due to COVID-19’s ongoing impact on healthcare workers.”

Read the full article in Hospital & Healthcare Management, January 11, 2023. 

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