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Contracting Service Drives Results

Purchased services contracting service for CHC Supply Trust hospitals is driving cost savings and enhancing contract protections for participating hospitals 

CHC Supply Trust launched a formalized contract service in the past six months. The process includes a review of the current hospital’s contract in a respective service contract category. The collaborative process then includes discussions to work with the hospital to define their technical, clinical, service and business requirements they would like in a new contract. CHC Supply Trust then launches a Request For Proposal (RFP) based on those requirements. After receiving the vendor proposals, CHC Supply Trust then compiles a financial analysis of the vendors proposed pricing/rates accompanied with a contract terms and conditions comparative analysis, and presents the analysis to the hospital. The hospital makes the contract award decision and lets the CHC team handle contract negotiations and administrative leg workThe contracting service is driving results for CHC hospitals. Below is a summary of success across various purchased services categories and initiatives still in progress:

If your organization has an upcoming service contract renewal and you would like to request support for your contracting needs, please contact your respective CHC Supply Trust Account Director or or

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