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Help Where Hospitals Need It®

Since its inception in 1996, CHC has remained a not-for-profit organization whose sole mission is to help hospitals remain community-operated and governed.

“Throughout our existence, CHC’s extremely talented staff and partners have collaborated with struggling hospitals to avoid closures and overcome other industry challenges. With a 25-year history of success improving hospitals, we offer best-in-class performance-improvement solutions to community hospitals and other healthcare providers .”
~ CHC President and CEO Jim Kendrick

CHC has achieved and continues to play an integral role in improving the financial and operational performance of U.S. community hospitals amid a rapidly changing and increasingly complex healthcare environment.

Whereas disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted ailing hospitals, hospital performance turnarounds can reveal vulnerabilities, right-size staffing, reduce cost, enhance revenue, and reset a positive course.

How We Work to Help

  • CHC experts provide a pathway to improvement, financial solvency, and sustainability, only possible when there is support from the hospital board/district board/county, hospital leadership and the community.
  • Some hospitals seek our services after they are already in distress or financial straits resulting from market conditions, years of mismanagement or poor performance.
  • CHC assists in making difficult decisions in the best interest of the hospital.
  • Unfortunate situations do not occur overnight and cannot be improved overnight.

CHC owns, manages and consults with hospitals across the United States. Hospitals that choose to work with us and allow us to help them where needed, will improve.

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