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Bring Hospital Care Home

H@H is attractive for rural and community hospital executives looking for options to expand services and improve access to healthcare services in their service area.

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Hospital at Home

The American Hospital Association and other advocates are lobbying to make the Hospital at Home program introduced during the pandemic permanent based on data suggesting that home-based care results in better outcomes for patients. This white paper outlines the benefits of H@H for patients, family members and hospitals. It also covers requirements and considerations for community hospital leaders interested in implementing an H@H program.

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How Rural Hospitals Can Achieve Financial Resiliency

It’s a well-known fact that many small U.S. hospitals are increasingly under pressure. Their problems stem from a myriad of challenges: razor-thin margins, inflation, higher borrowing costs, declining insurance reimbursement rates, technological inefficiencies, staffing issues, along with supply and other cost increases.

All together, these factors have put rural healthcare delivery at significant risk. Over the past two decades, 191 rural hospitals have either permanently closed their doors or converted to emergency or outpatient care, according to the University of North Carolina Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Science Research. ...

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