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LA Downtown Medical Center Saves $82,000 via new Laundry and Linen Services Agreement

CHC Supply Trust Lends Expertise for Success

LA Downtown Medical Center (LADMC), Los Angeles, Calif., is investing in its future through improvements across the organization. Transformation occurs step by step. 

When LADMC faced the expiration of its outsourced laundry and linen services agreement, the hospital turned to CHC Supply Trust experts and new purchased services contracting service for help. 

CHC Supply Trust facilitated LADMC’s Request for Proposal (RFP), analyzed vendor responses, and negotiated contract terms and conditions.

“The process was easy and efficient,” said Mark Valentino, Chief Executive Officer, LADMC. “The CHC team began with a kick-off planning call to identify our service and operational requirements and preferred business terms.” Steps included CHC Supply Trust’s detailed financial comparison of the vendor proposals and a summary and a comparison/contrast of the vendor’s position on key contract terms and conditions.

“CHC Supply Trust did all of the leg work and presented our options and savings in an understandable format for us,” Valentino said, adding, “We made the final contract award decision, but CHC’s thorough proposal analysis and final contract review made that process objective and so much easier.” 

Valentino shared, “In addition to annual savings from this contracting initiative, I was pleased by CHC’s team’s recommendation to incorporate performance benchmarks and vendor reporting. In turn, we eliminated lost linen charges. Their other recommendations, contracting expertise, and leverage helped us secure firm pricing for the term of the agreement as compared to our prior agreement’s annual price increases. They also ensured there was no ‘auto-renewal’ language in the agreement. This provides us benefits in the future by making sure we don’t miss a deadline that we may not be aware of a few years later.”

CHC Supply Trust collaborates with hospitals for optimal client benefit. 

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