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New Contracting Service Identifies Purchased Services Savings and Provides More Contract Protections

CHC is pleased to announce a new CHC Supply Trust service supporting numerous purchased services contract categories. The process is designed to provide solid decision support to the facility in making their contract award decision. The service includes a formal request for proposal (RFP) for the specific contract category and a detailed financial and legal review of vendor contract proposals for facility consideration and decision support. The initial focus will be on these contract categories: outsourced food, laundry and linen, environmental, security, comprehensive biomedical, managed freight, elevator maintenance, waste, language interpretation, background checks, laser rental, storage shredding scanning, and textile/linen services.

The contracting process will be a collaborative process with each CHC Supply Trust member. CHC staff will conduct a current contract and benchmark review followed by discussions with the facility to better understand their technical, clinical, service, and business requirements. Based on facility requirements, CHC will issue a RFP to all identified vendors. Subsequently, CHC will then present and review the vendor’s proposals from a pricing perspective as well as an analysis of each vendor’s proposed contract terms and conditions.  

CHC’s contracting process is supported through the implementation of the Valify Purchased Services platform and application. CHC now has 65 hospitals and 12 long-term acute care hospitals implemented, representing more than $850M in purchased services’ spend now categorized and benchmarked in the database. The information provided helps to identify contract opportunities and the significant spend amount provides the leverage to support CHC’s efforts to negotiate significant cost savings and contract protections for CHC facilities.

For more information or to request contracting support, please contact your CHC account director.

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