For the Media

Healthcare continues to dominate the news, whether it’s insuring the uninsured, replacement or restructure of the Affordable Care Act, or the future of community-based hospitals.

In a time of consolidation, it is clear, community-based hospitals serve as the heart of many rural communities across the United States, stimulating the local economy through jobs, access to quality healthcare and an influx of medical expertise.

Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) believes that hospitals best serve the people when they meet the needs of a local population. Our mission is to guide, support and enhance the mission of community hospitals and healthcare providers.

CHC provides flexible, individualized consulting and turnaround services, along with ownership and management models as needed. The work CHC does for community hospitals across the country gives CHC’s leadership team a unique understanding of the challenges these hospitals face.

CHC leaders are available to serve as subject matter experts for your healthcare stories. Let us know how we can assist as you develop breaking news.