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Materials Management Outsourcing

Many hospital leaders want to maximize the efficiency of their supply chain while minimizing their costs, but they lack internal resources. One solution to this common challenge is outsourcing the entire materials management department to the CHC Supply Trust team. In this model, CHC Supply Trust takes on contract optimization, GPO compliance as well as day-to-day procurement oversight.


  • Access. Receive all of the benefits of CHC Supply Trust GPO
  • Support. Full supply chain support services
  • Staff. Full departmental management available
  • Reporting. Real-time Valify analytics with reporting and compliance monitoring
  • Staff. Provision of full-time on-site personnel
  • Value-Add. Access to the purchased services program


3 Benefits of Working With a Hospital Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

Across the United Sates, news of the rising cost of healthcare is spreading. The U.S. government reported that Americans spent $3.65 trillion on healthcare in 2018. This level of spending is by far the highest in the developed world, and there is an ongoing debate about why healthcare is so expensive and what can be done about it. In the 1980s, Congress took a look at Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) and found that GPOs can help reduce healthcare costs for both the government and private health-care sectors.

What Is a...

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Bringing Big Data to Bear on Supply Chain Optimization

In 2020, supply chain costs are projected to surpass labor as the greatest expense for the average hospital. That’s why the supply chain continues to be a main focus of cost-reduction efforts. Moving forward, however, hospitals are making strategic and data-driven supply chain changes to bring about more effective care delivery. Gone are the days of relegating supply chain to a cost-reduction target. In fact, larger hospital systems have elevated the supply chain leader’s role to a C-level position, reflecting the sophistication required for an optimized supply chain.

Data-driven Supply...

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