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Onboarding and Support


Although most hospitals come to CHC Supply Trust for the savings, they stay for the service. Our team of community-hospital insiders is here to coach you through the conversion process and for ongoing support, if desired.

For example, CHC Supply Trust stepped up during the pandemic to fill a critical need for clients by vetting non-traditional suppliers who began producing PPE for the first time. Prequalifying and onboarding suppliers sped up response time when supply chain disruptions occurred. CHC Supply Trust was able to help several hospitals identify a variety of quality, new suppliers while holding the line on cost as much as possible. This level of service and follow through prompted several additional hospitals to shift their GPO services to CHC Supply Trust.


Hospitals that opt for onboarding and ongoing support, receive several client perks including:

  • Help. Access to on-call supply chain support
  • Custom. Get the level of support you need
  • Analysis. Assessment of opportunities for continual supply chain improvements

The Process

The conversion to CHC Supply Trust is called onboarding. This process, outlined below, includes collaborative meetings with hospital department directors, including clinicians, for input and buy-in.

  • Cross reference hospital procurement data with CHC Supply Trust contract list.
  • Complete analysis to identify opportunities for additional savings if items currently purchased are transitioned to those offered through CHC Supply Trust.
  • Onsite at the hospital, CHC Supply Trust experts spend two days and share expected savings as a result of conversion.
  • In-depth department director meetings are held to review contracts and explore conversion. The purpose of these meetings is to determine the scope of items that will be converted to CHC Supply Trust and to communicate expected savings.
  • At the conclusion of onboarding, the hospital begins purchasing through CHC Supply Trust.

Continued Support

Some hospitals need additional consulting and analysis resources to maximize the benefit of CHC Supply Trust. We work with hospital leadership to develop a custom support contract that includes:

  • Assignment and follow-up by an account manager
  • Onsite quality check completed 90 days post implementation
  • Monthly or quarterly spend analytics to ensure compliance and maximize savings


Rethinking Medical Supply Chain Costs: Good to Great

Many rural hospitals today — health care providers whose mission is to serve their community’s health care needs — are apprehensive about their own financial health. Increasing expenses, decreasing reimbursement and declining patient populations as well as hospital admissions place these hospitals at risk, threatening financial viability.

Besides salaries, supplies are the second-highest expense for hospitals. By reducing those costs and better managing the medical supply chain, a hospital can move its savings margin from good to great.

Unlocking Medical Supply Chain Savings In Order To Support Mission-Critical Objectives

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