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Healthcare & Hospital Charge Capture Solutions

Because charges are generated in many areas across a hospital and the process always includes some type of human intervention, it is imperative that these processes be evaluated for effectiveness and financial improvement. CHC Consulting helps with a variety of charge capture services including departmental charge capture tools and processes. We also follow charges as they move from point of service to posting on the patient’s bill including department systems, the patient accounting system and manual processes.


  • Timely and accurate charge capture is vital because this process drives revenue generation.
  • Charge capture provides the most appropriate measurement of resource utilization.
  • A thorough evaluation helps identify areas where charges may be lost either because they were not captured, or as they were processed manually or electronically.

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The Far-reaching Impact of Your Hospital’s Cost Report

Ever-expanding in complexity, cost reports influence current and future reimbursement levels for your hospital. Think of a cost report as an annual report with numbers instead of words. Far-reaching in scope, mistakes can result in lost revenue that may profoundly affect your hospital’s sustainability and ability to effectively serve patients.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires Medicare certified hospitals and other Medicare reimbursable provider facilities to file cost reports annually that identify the costs and charges related to facility Medicare reimbursable activities. Acting as annual reconciliations, these...

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