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Hospital & Healthcare Consulting Services

Running a hospital efficiently goes beyond delivering quality healthcare services. It also means staying on top of the facility’s finances. With costs escalating, it has become essential for management to run hospitals with financial and operational performance in mind. Many hospitals face financial straits as a result of difficult market conditions, a factor that may threaten their existence. Proper hospital management helps to ensure long-term hospital sustainability giving the surrounding community access to quality healthcare for many years. As such, healthcare consulting services play an essential role in helping hospital leaders navigate any crisis.

Hospital and healthcare consulting services help to identify the challenges hospitals face. The first step is an analysis called an operational assessment. The next step is outlining recommendations on how to improve clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and financial performance. At Community Hospital Corporation, we are committed to maintaining access to local quality healthcare across the country. Our healthcare consulting engagements involves a thorough assessment of operations, presentation of the findings, and recommendations to be implemented by the hospital leadership. The recommendations help to bring distressed community hospitals out of crisis. In addition, healthcare consulting services ensure hospitals are running efficiently and avoiding common pitfalls that compromise performance.

Community hospitals across the country have turned to CHC Consulting services to improve patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and financial performance.

Following a thorough assessment and presentation of findings and recommendations, hospital leadership may wish to implement this action plan on its own. Otherwise, CHC Consulting can remain involved in a healthcare consulting or hospital management role.


The first step is a comprehensive operational assessment to review operations and develop an actionable plan for improvement.

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  • Community Hospital Corporation, or CHC, owns hospitals, which means that the recommendations we make for your organization are tried and tested. We have practiced what we recommend in our hospitals, incorporating them into our daily operations, and they have produced great results. Successful implementation of our recommendations will help other hospitals run efficiently.
  • We understand that your situation and needs are unique. We work with you to define a custom package of healthcare consulting services to meet your objectives.
  • We have successfully helped community-based hospitals and healthcare providers improve performance for more than 20 years. With our experience in the healthcare industry, we understand that the needs and challenges of different hospitals vary widely. As such, we do an operational assessment to determine the current status of the health facility. We are also flexible and will work closely with the hospital leadership to create a custom package of consulting services to meet the objectives of the facility. In this way, we make it easier for the leadership to run the hospital.
  • After you choose to partner with us, you will have a reliable partner on whom you will always depend. At Community Hospital Corporation, our mission is to guide, support, and enhance the mission of community hospitals and healthcare providers. With the important role that community-based hospitals play in delivering medical care, we will be happy to offer our support in the coming years. We will always be ready to lend our expertise with financial, productivity, revenue cycle, IT, clinical operations, and supply chain solutions.
  • Healthcare and hospital consulting services are important in helping to steer community hospitals in the right direction. By identifying areas of weakness and suggesting ways to deal with challenges, our services benefit hospitals and patients, as well as the healthcare industry overall.
  • We have helped numerous other community hospitals and healthcare providers to improve performance. We are familiar with the challenges that hospital leaderships face as they try to lead the facilities towards sustainability. This means that the recommendations we make are well thought out and will make it easier for the hospitals to achieve their goals.

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Path to Sustainability

To be sure that community hospitals will benefit from the healthcare consulting services we offer, there are several areas that we focus on. Here is how our healthcare and hospital consulting services help to put health facilities on the path to sustainability.

Operational Assessment

In order to identify the issues that affect performance, we will need to evaluate the hospital’s business processes. Evaluation allows us to make recommendations that will help to deal with the problems when implemented. We then create a plan that will ensure proper implementation of the recommendations. When hospital leaderships collaborate with our consultants, there is a good chance that the hospital will move towards sustainability.

Clinical Care

Our healthcare and hospital consulting services place a lot of emphasis on clinical care. Since the primary aim of any healthcare facility is to offer high-quality clinical care, we work with hospitals to suggest clinical care solutions that will ensure this goal is met. We help optimize processes that improve the quality of care and enhance patient engagement, which play a big role in helping to boost patient volumes and increasing revenue.

System Modernization

Today, technology and security are critically important when hospitals are working to face challenges and increase efficiency. When you seek our consulting services, we will suggest the right technology, depending on your needs and vulnerabilities. We also provide outsourced technology consulting services so that you can focus on serving your patients. In addition to suggesting suitable solutions, we will oversee implementation and work with you to ensure that the technology keeps all private data safe.

Medical Staff-Hospital Relations

Most of the hospitals seeking consulting services have faced dwindling cash reserves and declining patient volume. One of the common causes of these challenges is poor relations between the medical staff and the hospital. Since several factors can affect the relationship, and we will identify the problems during our operational assessment. The suggestions we submit to the management team will be designed to address all outstanding issues for improved cooperation and better service delivery.

Operational Performance Improvement

The process to improve operational performance is complex. We conduct analyses of different departments, programs, services, and facilities. After we have established the status of the organization, we will create and implement a strategy that will help to improve efficiency and productivity. The process may include matching staffing to patterns of demand for patient satisfaction.

Business Planning

Proper business planning is key to achieving sustainability in a hospital. Some of the issues that hospital leadership must consider include demand forecasting, financial analysis, service line development, analysis of business opportunities, budgeting, development of business plans, and resource allocation. The goal of business planning is to grow revenue and reduce expenses while delivering high quality care.

Strategic Planning

In addition to business planning, strategic planning is another important factor in the path to sustainability. Community hospitals can avoid crises by creating a clear vision for the organization, positioning the organization to take advantage of opportunities, and planning for growth. Our healthcare consulting services will include retreat facilitation, implementation support, and strategic advisory assistance. For us to successfully place the hospital on the path to sustainability, we will require a lot of cooperation from the hospital leadership.


Help Where Hospitals Need It

Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) understands that community-based hospitals are vital assets to those they serve. That’s why we provide resources and support to hospitals, including flexible, individualized consulting and management services through CHC Consulting, a distinct CHC organization.

Together with hospital boards and leaders, CHC Consulting develops custom-fit solutions to help preserve and protect community hospitals in an unobtrusive, collaborative manner.

Solutions and Support for Community Based Hospitals

CHC Consulting provides management and consulting services and solutions tailored for community-based hospitals. Many clients who engage us begin with our...

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