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Why Information Technology is Vital to Your Organization’s Health

Forward-thinking community hospital CEOs are recognizing that IT solutions don’t exist in a vacuum but can in fact help advance their organization’s goals. Conversely, they also know that out-of-date IT (including inefficient on-premise systems) can hold a hospital back from getting where it needs to go. 

We’re providing these CEOs (and their IT directors) with a roadmap for IT transformation for the future that also enhances hospital performance today.

CHC helps rural and community hospitals throughout the United States improve patient care, increase efficiency, reduce risk, save money and grow ROI by transforming their IT infrastructures from outmoded legacy systems into today’s most cost-effective tools and processes.


We’re proud to work with more than 500 healthcare organizations throughout the United States including:

  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • Rural Hospitals
  • Community Hospitals
  • Independent Hospitals & Health Systems



Our IT team includes numerous dedicated experts. We help 500+ rural healthcare providers across the country.

Here are some of the reasons why they choose to work with CHC.

  • Predictable Costs. You get comprehensive estimates that clearly outline deliverables, timelines and responsibilities in advance. 
  • 24/7/365 Support. Our highly experienced experts can augment your short-staffed IT team, re-tool/re-skill it… or even become your team if needed.
  • True IT Department. CHC’s IT team has experience working on-site in hospital IT departments and understands how their solutions impact hospital operations. 
  • Collaboration. Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we’re deeply committed at all times to mutual respect and teamwork. 
  • Quick Response. As the owners/operators of hospitals ourselves, we know the importance of acting swiftly to solve problems… and how to deliver that to you.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity. Hospitals are often targeted by cyber-attacks. Yours doesn’t have to be one of them. 

Case Study

Transformative IT Creates Community Hospital of the Future


Freestone Medical Center in Fairfield, Texas, relied on an on-premise IT infrastructure to handle its data-processing, Internet and telecommunications systems. But as the years passed, the system’s hardware and software applications grew more costly and cumbersome for the 37-bed acute care hospital.

The small rural hospital’s on-site IT costs included hardware replacement and software license renewals that annually racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in expense, siphoning a large portion of the hospital’s limited yearly IT budget. The system’s increasing operating expenditures also absorbed funding...

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Streamline Operations and Reduce Costs with CHC Core IT Services

The Situation

Managing an increasingly complex information technology (IT) infrastructure is a significant undertaking for large and small hospitals alike. Particularly for rural and community hospitals struggling to stay afloat, it’s challenging to keep up with continuous technology advances that are costly, time-consuming, and a strain on valuable resources. Similarly, in rural areas and smaller towns, it can be difficult to find IT professionals who have all of the specialized expertise needed to support a hospital.

As a result of these obstacles, many community hospitals have outdated...

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Case Study

Rural hospital leverages federal funding to save on telecom services, provide better care: Yoakum Community Hospital, Yoakum, TX

The Situation

Yoakum Community Hospital’s (YCH) antiquated data network and low-speed internet fell short of meeting today’s healthcare industry demands, including use of electronic health records. YCH needed to be up 24-7 with reliable connections and redundant circuits in case of a primary system failure. CHC leveraged federal funding for IT upgrades including high-speed internet and disaster recovery. Citing improvements in patient care as well as operational and financial performance, hospital CFO John Olivares calls the upgrades a “quantum leap forward” for the 23-bed critical access hospital.

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