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Clinical Informatics

One of the most challenging aspects of healthcare IT systems is ensuring the various tools can connect and transmit information to each other in a manner that is efficient and secure. Working with both IT and clinical resources, CHC Consulting has the expertise to develop comprehensive programs that support inpatient, emergency and ambulatory care settings, including:

  • Evaluating, developing or redesigning your clinical informatics program
  • Assistance with staff role development
  • Review of EHR regulatory requirements and documentation
  • Enhancing knowledge of Promoting Interoperability and/or MIPS

When choosing to partner with the CHC Clinical Informatics team, you can be assured that you will feel a strong alignment between your organization’s objectives and planned IT and informatics strategies. Our Informatics team begins every strategic planning process with a focus on your mission. We assist you in the process of identifying your strategic informatics goals and convert them into action plans in a way that is consistent with your mission and reflects the challenges within the healthcare system.

The CHC Informatics strategy focuses on the vision for how both IT and Informatics support your organization to achieve its objectives.  It’s important to have a strong alignment between the organization’s objectives, and the planned IT and informatics strategies, as these will be key enablers to the success of the organization’s administrative goals, clinical development, and financial strategy.

In summary, partnering with CHC Clinical Informatics team can help your facility achieve improved communication between providers and nurses, increase staff efficiencies, streamline workflows, reduce errors, and improve your financial outcomes by helping to ensure meaningful use of your electronic health record.


  • Compliance. Avoid legal and regulatory penalties.
  • Performance. Efficient EHR functionality.
  • Productivity. Optimal clinical workflows.
  • Reputation. Higher patient satisfaction.
  • Quality. Improved clinical outcomes.

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