Core IT Solutions help community hospitals to improve patient care while advancing their technology.

Tight budgets and razor-thin margins result in rural and community hospitals’ IT networks often lagging behind the industry standard. Our essential IT services are specifically scaled and priced to help hospitals overcome those challenges.

Our Core IT Solutions will help your hospital to:

  1. Improve patient care.
  2. Improve operational efficiency.
  3. Reduce costs.
  4. Strengthen cybersecurity.

Here’s what makes Community Hospital Corporation different… and how we help our clients solve even the toughest problems.

Know-how and experience on a national level. We now deliver IT and telecom services to 120 community hospitals and more than 500 rural healthcare providers in 41 states.

Custom solutions. We provide customized IT solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and realities. We’re committed to identifying and implementing only what’s best for YOU… and not because it’s the latest and shiniest new tech toy on the shelf.

Saving money. We help our clients save millions of dollars each year by developing much more efficient IT systems, reducing their telecom costs, our buying clout (which we pass on to you) and more. These savings can then be invested in improving the quality of care.

Expert resources. Our team of dedicated and collaborative experts is available 24/7/365 to help you. We can function in any way that makes the most sense for you whether it’s being on-call advisors, developing your strategic plan, training and re-skilling your own IT staff or even becoming your IT team.

Aligned mission. As a not-for-profit organization that also owns and manages hospitals, we share the culture of community hospitals and are in complete alignment with your mission. We fully understand your challenges because we implement and manage Core IT solutions for our own hospitals every day.


  • Increased stability. Our resources, lower costs and added security help hospitals reduce risk while improving operational efficiency.
  • Saving money. CHC’s national purchasing clout can save you up to 50% on the exact same service or tool.
  • Unified communications. Take advantage of our full suite of cloud-based communications and collaboration products to promote teamwork while increasing efficiency.
  • Non-stop support. Wherever and whenever you need it, we’ll deliver prompt and expert technical support every step of the way.

Here to Help

To get elevated performance with down-to-earth IT solutions, please contact CHC today.



Here is a partial list of what we do. If you don’t see what you need, just ask us. 

  • IT Assessment. A thorough but speedy review of your IT infrastructure which identifies problems, opportunities and solutions.
  • IT Strategic Plan Preparation. A goal without a plan is just a wish. Learn how CHC can help you develop yours.
  • Full and Partial IT Management Services. CHC Consulting can step in to oversee all aspects of IT management  or to support your in-house IT team. Our capabilities include support and oversight, day-to-day systems management and end user support.
  • Expense Planning & Management. With CHC as your IT partner, we help you plan and predict your IT expenses so there are no surprises.
  • Cloud Server Infrastructure Management & Migration. CHC’s more stable yet flexible cloud-based platform can save you 20% or more.
  • IT Communications Platform. CHC leverages our strategic partnerships with cloud services providers to create more efficient and secure cloud environments for hospitals nationwide.
  • 24/7 Help Desk & Ticketing System. A more effective approach to monitoring and measuring the workload and performance of your people, processes and technology.
  • Network Management. Our systems help control and decrease costs, reduce downtime, increase efficiencies, and handle all other network concerns, so your teams can focus solely on patient care.
  • Backup Management. CHC’s best-in-class backup experts will work with you to protect your critical data from hacking and phishing attacks.
  • Data Archival. Control data growth and organize your data while ensuring compliance with medical data record and archival requirements.
  • Monitoring & Patch Management. Our cloud-based tool systematically monitors all of your software and automatically deploys patches where needed.