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Ransomware attacks on hospitals continue to rise.  Not being prepared is an existential threat, not only to your IT department, but to your hospital and the health of your community.  CHC understands an organization’s need for a comprehensive and cost-effective cybersecurity program.

The process we recommend includes:

  • Program Evaluation and Development
  • Communication Expertise and Toolkits
  • Cyber and HIPAA Security Risk Assessments
  • Disaster Preparedness and Security Operations Center Evaluation
  • Policy and Procedure Review
  • Staff Development
  • Security as a Service
  • Virtual CISO Services
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing
  • Security Incident Event Monitoring – leveraging AI and ML models
  • Security Operations Center – 24/7 monitoring of your environment
  • Incident Response Support

White Paper


Can Your Hospital Withstand a Cyberattack?

The healthcare industry is a top target for cyberattacks in general and ransomware in particular. As a result, cybersecurity has become an important topic for healthcare providers in urban and rural settings. This white paper discusses ways for community hospitals to improve cybersecurity.

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  • Preparation. A cybersecurity attack can happen at anytime, so it is vital to be vigilant.
  • Documentation. Maintaining proper cybersecurity protocols keeps all stakeholders informed and aware of their role if an incident occurs.
  • Speed. When a security incident occurs, quick response can help minimize the impact. A clear plan allows the response team to move immediately into action mode.
  • Safety. Because hospitals are a ransomware target, it is vital to focus on maintaining cybersecurity.

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Rural Matters Podcast Features Brian Doerr, Carrie Zbierski, and Andra Smith

Rural Matters, a podcast featuring issues important to Rural America, recently spoke to Brian Doerr, Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Security, and Privacy Officer for Community Hospital Corporation of Plano, Texas; Carrie Zbierski, Chief Nursing Officer at North Texas Medical Center; and Andra Smith, Director of Practice Management at North Texas Medical Center about the evolving telemedicine presence in rural America and its capability to deliver specialty health services.

Before the pandemic, Doerr notes, rural areas accesses telemedicine in a limited way, due to regulatory and reimbursement restrictions...

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