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Telecommunications & USAC

CHC has the people, experience and processes for reducing healthcare providers’ telecom costs.

Internet and telecommunications services are essential for rural and community hospitals to offer the highest quality of medical care to their respective areas. However, research shows that an estimated 25-30% of rural Americans don’t have access to broadband Internet. To further complicate things, rural healthcare providers typically must pay more for these services compared to metro areas.

The FCC’s Universal Services Administrative Company (USAC) is a federal program created to address these issues. It offers $10 billion in annual funding broken down into four programs which includes rural healthcare organizations. We use our many years of exceptionally deep experience in and thorough understanding of USAC’s complex requirements to help our clients get their fair share of this funding. 

Qualifying for USAC funds can be an arduous process. The timeline to plan, apply and petition for obtaining broadband connectivity funding can take months or even years. Hospitals need to be planning and applying to USAC at least 9 to 12 months in advance of when they need the resources. For example, this year applications were due in May, 2023 but funds may not be distributed until late 2024. 

Our Services Include:

Turnkey Solution: CHC Consulting takes charge of Funding Process Management including strategy, eligibility and application, as well as the RFP, bidding and negotiation processes. We also help with documentation to USAC and ongoing monitoring and reapplication to USAC in future years.

Program Evaluation and Planning: We analyze your hospital’s current telecommunications services and costs. Based on that information, we make recommendations to improve your service and reduce your cost.

Training and Support: Onsite or web-based support and training options for your staff.

HCF Consortium Setup: CHC Consulting helps qualified healthcare providers establish their own consortium and obtain funding.

USAC Program Denial Appeal Support: CHC Consulting can jump in and work on your behalf to adjudicate denied funding requests.


  • Access. Improve telecommunications services through increased Internet access along with improved telemedicine options.
  • Savings. Save money and time as CHC steps in to manage the telecom vendor and facilitate communications with USAC.
  • Transparency. Gain expertise and education to help you understand each step of the process.
  • Value. Receive the lowest total cost. We never add unnecessary services that maximize savings but also add cost. We add value by providing access to our industry connections.
  • Common-sense pricing. Receive competitive fees based on savings generated and work required. Our mission to help hospitals sets us apart from consultants who command a higher percentage of USAC funding as payment for their services.
  • Pay as you go. Stop fees as soon as your hospital no longer needs a service; we don’t require full-year fees.


CHC Helps Hospitals Dial Down Telecom Expenses

In at least one respect, rural hospitals are no different than metropolitan hospitals — both need advanced telecom systems and robust data circuits for optimal patient experiences and clinical outcomes. However, these services typically cost more for rural healthcare providers, making it difficult to keep up with the latest advancements. This is where Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) can help. Accessing a government program, CHC Consulting, the management and consulting arm of CHC, helps eligible hospitals obtain federal funding earmarked specifically to address this discrepancy. With telecom as well as healthcare...

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Savings as Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Send us one month’s telecommunication bills.
2. Our proprietary tool determines the best approach and estimated savings.
3. We take action to meet or exceed estimated savings for you.

Get a free assessment of how much your hospital can save through USAC.

Contact the USAC Team
To date, CHC has facilitated $53,000,000 in USAC funding which represents an average savings of 66% on eligible services. We also offer a free assessment of how much money we can save for you via USAC.
Whittney Walker,
Vice President of Telecom Services
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