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Market Assessment

Insights gained through a market assessment help hospital leadership understand where the hospital stands and strategies needed to keep pace with market demands. A market assessment includes an analysis of demographics, patient origin, market volume and position, as well as projections. This analysis helps to identify trends and analyze current market position, as well as plan for potential future growth. Evaluating the community’s perception of the hospital and its services is also an important part of the process


  • Gain an understanding of market trends and perceptions of the hospital, which are helpful in mapping out a future strategy.
  • Predict the impact of demographics and competitive forces on the hospital’s current and projected performance.
  • Create accurate growth projections based on the analysis of patient data, demographics, market trends and competitor strategies.

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Case Study

Breakthrough Improvements Create Market Leader: Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas – Beaumont, Texas

The Situation

CHC helps many hospitals achieve dramatic changes for the better, but some of our hospitals, including Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas (BHSET), are advancing in the right direction already and just need some additional expertise and support. At the start of BHSET’s long-term relationship with CHC, the hospital didn’t require a turnaround but a turbocharge to gain and eventually dominate market share.


BHSET, headquartered in Beaumont, Texas, is a 508-bed, multi-campus healthcare provider with $1.26 billion in patient revenue. CHC’s relationship with BHSET began in...

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Hospital Business Planning Best Practices

Vital to an organization’s future, a business plan is a framework outlining the steps for financial and operational success. For many hospitals, this process has occurred at five-year intervals tied to strategic planning efforts. However, in today’s healthcare environment marked by ongoing industry, reimbursement, and market shifts, development of an annual business plan offers leaders a greater measure of security and flexibility to manage change.

Best practices for your hospital’s business planning include:

Align business planning efforts with strategic initiatives

Getting started, associate business planning efforts with strategic goals...

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