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Strategic Planning

CHC Consulting facilitates a planning retreat with key stakeholders to create a clear future vision for the hospital and develops an action plan to achieve that vision. During the retreat, strategic initiatives are defined that create a framework for the action plan.


  • The planning process starts with a presentation of internal and external environment data to encourage strategic thinking.
  • The process includes identifying key tactics, measurements and accountable parties for each strategic initiative along with specific action plans with timelines and accountability to realize implementation.
  • CHC supports the presentation of the strategic initiatives to the hospital board and other key stakeholders.
  • Hospitals with a clear vision for their future and a tactical plan to achieve that vision demonstrate stronger performance than those that do not.

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Hospital Business Planning Best Practices

Vital to an organization’s future, a business plan is a framework outlining the steps for financial and operational success. For many hospitals, this process has occurred at five-year intervals tied to strategic planning efforts. However, in today’s healthcare environment marked by ongoing industry, reimbursement, and market shifts, development of an annual business plan offers leaders a greater measure of security and flexibility to manage change.

Best practices for your hospital’s business planning include:

Align business planning efforts with strategic initiatives

Getting started, associate business planning efforts with strategic goals...

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