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Single-Use Device Reprocessing

With costs increasing across the healthcare marketplace due to factors such as staffing and inflation, hospitals need to enact all possible solutions to mitigate the impact of these pressures. One possible solution in maximizing both cost savings and supply availability is Single-Use Device (SUD) reprocessing.

SUD reprocessing is the practice of sending certain single-use-labeled devices to a third party reprocessor after use, then buying them back after a detailed process of decontamination, refurbishment, testing, and sterilization at a much lower price than a new device would cost (~50% savings on average). 

The practice of SUD reprocessing is tightly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Perhaps more importantly, the reprocessing industry has a 20+-year track record of supplying reprocessed devices that fail less frequently than new devices. Nearly all hospital systems in the USA have single-use device reprocessing programs in place to reduce costs and free up resources for investments in patient care. Having a solid program in place not only results in cost savings, but also in reduced environmental impact and increased supply chain resiliency, without increasing risk to the patient.

Medline ReNewal (HealthTrust contract # 4670) is CHC’s preferred contracted reprocessing vendor, and has helped hospitals to save millions of dollars. Contact Barry Kahn at, or your local Medline rep today about starting a reprocessing program at your facility.

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