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System Maintenance

Are you frustrated that your MMIS system is not functioning as you think it should or that your Monthly Operating Statements have more spend in the Manual GL lines than in the Supply Expense line?  There are two reports that help the Director of Supply Chain’s identify these issues with resolve going forward.  

If you were to walk into my work shop you would not find anything due to the redundancy and clutter.  Duplicate tools, projects in works covering needed equipment, overabundance of unused storage, etc., that just causes confusion and increases the amount of work needed for a simple project.  

Is this how your Storeroom is organized?  Multiple items that do similar things, (duplicate inventory), missing labels, (hidden product) unused storage or boxes on the floor, (clutter)?  Is this how your PO system is with items un-received or received but not paid?  

To maintain a proper Supply Chain system, you need to make sure everything has a place and a place for everything.  You need to make sure your system is not causing issues down the line.  

How do you validate you are having a clean Supply Chain process.  Looking only at your PO opportunities we recommend you need to run a couple of reports bi-annually and this will help you maintain a well-run system.

  • Open Orders Report

 Have you ever wondered why you have below minimum quantity on the shelf but your system is not suggesting an order?  Could it be you ordered the product months/years ago, it came in, but went un-received?  Your system still thinks the item is coming in so it will not order more.  To prevent this, you need to run your open order report and anything over 45 days needs to have justification, followed up by you or your team to chase the orders down or cancel the orders.  This is causing your system to not know what is on your shelf and prevents the system from generate automatic product recommendations.

  • Received but not invoiced (RNI)

You do your job well, order products it comes in and you receive it.  (Your job is done?)  Problem, is the invoice does not get paid, or paid outside of the system, so the supply expense now lives on the manual GL (forever or until fixed).  This issue is a Supply Chain Issue, along with AP, and needs to be resolved and cleaned up.  Run your reports and look for any item over 30 days that is received but not paid.  I promise you that if you get this cleaned up, your Finance Team, CFO, and CEO will be very appreciative that you have cleaned up the monthly Operating Reports.

If you have any questions on this or any other opportunities, please contact your Corporate Director who can give your assistance on this or any other tool to keep Supply Chain clean and organized.

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