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Difficult Times are Nothing New for Community Hospitals

Today’s Unprecedented Challenges Call for Decisive Action

In the midst of a crisis, it is almost impossible to remain strategic. But that’s just what community hospital leaders are called to do. In order to ensure long-term hospital sustainability, they must take steps now to improve operational and financial performance. CHC provides the strength, expertise and resources community hospitals need during these trying times. An operational assessment helps identify areas for improvement and charts a plan for improvement. Take action.  Contact CHC today to learn more.


Operational Assessment: The First Step to Long-term Sustainability

Do you know where your hospital stands? Is it holding its own or barely holding on? CHC Consulting’s Operational Assessment determines your hospital’s status objectively and paves the path to performance enhancements and financial sustainability.

A Comprehensive Operational Assessment:

  • Includes a thorough review of operations
  • Identifies strengths as well as areas for improvement
  • Forms the basis for a performance enhancement plan with specific action steps

The Operational Assessment begins with an extensive review of data and documents, coupled with one-on-one interviews with...

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I’ve never seen a group of people so totally enthusiastic about fulfilling their mission. We’ve been very pleased with our collaboration with CHC.
~Elorine Sitka, Chairperson, Yoakum Community Hospital, Yoakum, Texas
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